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Graduation Night Tips For Parents

Graduation Night Tips For Parents
For teens, Graduation means more than a cap and gown, just as prom is more than a tux or a formal dress and a corsage. Graduation can be just as tragic as it can be happy, and should be filled with reminiscing with friends and fantasizing about their futures, not mourning the loss of a classmate. Unfortunately, Graduation celebrations often involve underage drinking that can lead to serious consequences, such as traffic crashes and alcohol poisoning from binge drinking.

From all of us here at BudgetWISE Insurance, we would like to encourage you to remind your teen that part of making happy graduation memories includes making good choices, and part of being ushered into adulthood is being responsible. For some parents, talking about alcohol, among other prom and graduation concerns, has already been an ongoing conversation. Unfortunately, many parents have missed the opportunity to have this conversation. If you need any help having this conversation, or would like to have materials on drunk driving to give your teen, don't hesitate to contact us at 503-393-8990. At BudgetWISE Insurance Safety is our Number One Goal!

Did you know that Alcohol consumption is one of the leading causes of death and injury among teenagers? Did you know alcohol remains the most heavily abused substance of America's Youth? Countless research has shown that we can do something about this! The number one deterrent to underage drinking is having parents who talk to their teens about the dangers of using alcohol. Here are some helpful tips on how to deter your child from drinking at this year's grad party.

· Talk about drinking before Graduation. Send clear messages that you do not want your teen to drink alcohol and why you have that value.

· Find out who is driving. Make sure that everyone understands that under no circumstances should anyone get into a vehicle when the driver has been drinking alcohol – Not even a drop! Traffic crashes are the leading cause of death for teens.

· Limit the number of passengers to minimize distractions for the driver. Keep a list of the names and phone numbers of each teen rider, along with names and addresses of all the parents.

· Require them to ALWAYS wear their seatbelt, it's the law! (70% of teens killed on prom weekends were not wearing seatbelts (NHTSA).

· Work with other parents to plan alcohol-free parties before and after Prom and Graduation.

· Prepare your teen for peer pressure. Brainstorm with your teen specifically about how he/she would handle a difficult situation such as being offered a ride by an intoxicated driver or being offered alcohol. Your teen may "roll their eyes" or say "Oh, Mom / Dad", but you can handle that a lot better than some of the devastating consequences of underage drinking.

· Don't allow your teen to go to parties in hotel rooms or homes/cabins that do not have chaperones that are awake and check in on the party. You should speak directly with any parents supervising after-parties your teen will attend, since some parents may allow underage drinking, and may not have the same set of morals and values that you do.

· Emphasize NO cell phone use in the car. It is illegal for anyone to use a cellular/wireless phone while driving.

· Stay near the phone until your teen gets home and be available in case they need a ride or get into an uncomfortable situation.


On Graduation night I promise to be a responsible son/daughter and agree to:

· Always wear my seat belt while in the car.

· Refrain from drinking alcoholic beverages. Nor will I drink and drive or get into the car with a driver who has used any type of alcohol or drugs during the evening.

· Put my cell phone away while driving. I will not talk or text my friends until I have reached my destination and am out of the car.

· Use my cell phone to call my parents for a ride if one is necessary for my continued safety.

As your parent, on Graduation night I promise to be a responsible parent and:

· Be patient with you and trust you will act responsibly.

· Talk to you about the dangers of underage drinking, drinking and driving and texting while driving.

· Provide a safe and reliable motor vehicle for you and discuss safe driving techniques with you.
· Be available to provide a timely and safe ride home or to the post-Prom party if you are in need of a ride.

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